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35th Fast Freddie's Festive Five Mile Foot Feast

Date:Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

Thank You For Another Great Year!

We have made it through another year of setbacks and successes. As long as we continue to put our foot down in front of us, we keep moving forward. We hope that you have met your goals this year and look forward to being a part of those goals next year once again. Thank you for supporing us this year in our endeavours as we continue to help support Juvenile Diabetes Education here in Southern Indiana!

Grab your phones and put a reminder on your calendar...Pre-Registration will open for Fast Freddie's Festive Five Mile Foot Feast on September 1st, 2022! Clean your Fast Freddie shirts! Let's see everyone wearing one for our 35th annual celebration!!

The Winners


  1. 31:00.06 - Corrie Kenny
  2. 31:10.45 - Melissa Pitts
  3. 31:15.73 - Alissa Bennett


  1. 25:14.21 - David Heinemann
  2. 25:52.69 - Aaron Lord
  3. 26:05.90 - Mitchel Meier

Complete List of Finishers (Official - November 24, 2022)

Overall List of Finishers By Order of Finish
Top 3 Finishers per Age Group

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Event Records

Woman - Sarah Pease
- 27:12 (2017)
Men - Rob Mullett
- 23:30 (2015)

Overall Race Results


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