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43rd Annual Summer Running Series Schedule

Final Week of CSRS

Thank You

A big thank you to all of the participants this summer! As the year continues on and the world is ever changing, it was nice to have a bit of normalcy. We had some new top 10's this year. For the night, we had 241 participants which is the 8th busiest night in the 43 years. Furthermore, we had 1235 participants over the last eight weeks making 2021 the 9th busiest year on record!

Stallings Mile

We were honored this final week to have the family of Mike Stallings with us. The community favorite and founder of Pacers & Racers Running Store, Mike Stallings fell ill after a serious stroke earlier in the year. Because of his contributions to the sport, the community, and aid in Fred Run events, we felt it right to rename our long standing "Championship of the World Mile Run" to the "Mike Stallings Mile Run". Thank you, Mike and best wishes on a full recovery.

Results for the Mike Stallings Mile

Top 3 Women -

  1. 5.21.4 - Flannery Musk (28) - 2nd in this event 2018 & 2019
  2. 5.30.0 - Angel Musk (30) - 1st in 2018
  3. 5.48.0 - Jenna Masterson (29) - 3rd in 2019

Top 3 Men -

  1. 4.19.4 - David Heinemann (19) - 6th fastest of All-Time!
  2. 4.36.0 - David Grieshaber (30) - 1st in 2018 & 2019
  3. 4.36.0 - Logan Barrett (28)

Final Week 2021 Pictures

Flannery Musk

Angela Musk

Jenna Masterson

David Heinemann

David Greishaber

Logan Barrett

Fast Freddy's Festive Five Mile Foot Feast

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