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34th Fast Freddie's Festive Five Mile Foot Feast

Location: TBD
Date: November 24, 2022

Thank You...

Because of your participation and the generosity of our sponsors this year, we were able to donate to the Joslin Diabetes Center a sum of $10,000! Thank you to Brook Rose, Amanda Beedy, Meredith Lambe, and your teams for the ongoing education and support of Diabetes in the community.

2021 Costume Winners

Steve Bush playing the role of jolly ol' St. Nick. His depiction of man in red BEFORE his Thanksgiving Day meal!

The Burches!

After running in Fast Freddie's for many years, Scott and Tracy Burch wanted to continue to support the many runners they would see come by their house during this now famous race. Gathering other friends and family over the years, the Burch's have grown their little party to include shirts, food, beverages, a sound system, noise makers, and plenty of enthusiasm. They not only cheer the top runners but also the person who is out there beating their own goals to just make it through the race to everyone in between. They have become a Thanksgiving Day tradition that rivals our own! Thank you Burch's for your camaraderie!
Rachel Burch (59) and Tanner Burch (60)

The Fans!

John O'Shea, 2nd place finisher for his Age Group, enjoying his Fast Freddie's 2021 Mug!

Event Records

  • Woman - Sarah Pease
    - 27:12 (2017)
  • Men - Rob Mullett
    - 23:30 (2015)

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